About Me



Benjamin Horton is a naive of Erie,Pa who is a committed family man and Husband to his dear wife Tremel A. Horton who is incredible wife. He cherish her as special blessing alongside his life . She is very intelligent, administrative, and creative. she is currently walking into entrepreneurship and ministry with her husband, she bless him with three beautiful children and has the privilege to enjoy the blessing of marriage and fatherhood.

 From his tender age, He have express many gifts, talents, and abilities. From awards, metals to trophies in roller-skating and In the area of basketball and football he have been known for his sportsmanship and athleticism. 

Benjamin Horton also had an academic background where he attending college at Mercyhurst NorthEast as a liberal-arts science major and Edinboro Univ. Major in human services/social work. 

Preach The Gospel of the Kingdom


Grace and peace unto you my brothers and sisters in the family and ecclesia of God.  It is in the peace, power and love of God that I reach out to you today.  I decree now that you and yours are "Blessed by the Best".  And I believe that your journey has begun into the perfect will and plan of God for your life.  

 God's will is from the greek word.."Thelema" which means his determined purpose for your life.  God is determined to get you in that special place with him. 

 How often do we attempt to fight for the victory and fail to to get in that place of obedience and faith and simply fight from the victory.  To fight for means you don't have it yet.  We do have the victory in Jesus Christ. 

  Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law.  (Gal. 3:13).  And it is time for the redeemed of the Lord to say so.  (Psalm 107.2).  JESUS DIED FOR YOU BUT MOST OF ALL JESUS DIED AS YOU.! He took our place in death and in hell.  He became the "Kerigma", the proclamatory event of eternal salvation for all men.  And he gave us a special place in the Tyrus and eternal city that Satan and the angels lost.  (John 14.3)  We are the new worshippers and praisers not only in the earth but the new praisers and worshippers in heaven and eternity.  We have been redeemed.  The hebrew word and collegium for redeem is "Padah" which means to be ransomed back or to be brought back.  The boys are back in town.  Jesus brought us back to right standing with God.  Now we must get busy laboring and working out our salvation with fear and trembling.  These are the days to make your callings and election sure.  Everything in heaven has forever to fullfill itself but all things under heaven have only a time and season.  And when we are judged we won't be judged on what we did.  

 We will be judged based on what we were called to do. Many are dying on their feet because they are no longer living on their knees. It is praying time friends. Join me between the porch and the altar. ( Joel 2:17 ). It is time for alterations. And when you pray, results are not the reason that you pray. Results should be the proof that you pray. Let's decree results and exploits in the Holy Ghost. 

Itinerant Minister


Benjamin M. Horton has proficient ability in the scriptures and has a accomplished theological background that granted him the stability & foundation in the faith of Jesus Christ. In 2010-2012 he was a student of divinity and theology school and continued to grow mightily in the scriptures and discipleship (Acts 18:24). 

 And In 2016 he further his education with a five-fold school of ministry called "Advance Ministry Institute" where he became licensed and commissioned June 1 2017. He is forever a student when it comes to God's eternal word and accountable. His personal growth and development can't be fully accomplish without knowing the God of the bible (John 5:39). and encountering his presence and person in a authentic way where change is inevitable. He is   under the gracious leadership of his spiritual parents Apostle Chazdon & Emily Strickland (Kingdom Alignment) & connected to "Relational Apostolic Network Flame"

What makes his ministry unique and peculiar is his integrity to the grace given to him. A body embodying revival and being Spirit-Led. The effective and efficacious ministry gift Benjamin Horton would be honored to serve his call into your city.  

~From the office of Benjamin M Horton