Benjamin Horton Ministries;Covenant & Partnership

As an emerging ministry who's vision (Habakkuk 2:2-3) is to IMPACT nations through the gospel and demonstrative power and love of Christ, We pray that you consider becoming a monthly partner helping BHM fulfill God's divine plan and purpose to establish his covenant in the earth (Deuteronomy 8:18). As you partner with this ministry you are connected to the IMPACT that takes place by and through this ministry and its rewards (1 Samuel 30:24). 

 In the Bible it tells us that God led people to connect their wealth and resources with the ministry of Jesus. Jesus was able to continue in His calling and fulfill the promise of God because of those who supported His work financially! (Luke 8:1-3)

 Monthly Partner Letter via E-Mail 


Partners will receive updates : Teachings, encouragements, and special announcements on what God is doing through the ministry.

 LIVE Monthly Prayer Call Access 

Join believers from across the globe that's partaking in this ministry as a covenant-partner. As we pray and command our inheritance and blessings in Christ Jesus. As we enter our legal rights and authority as Kingdom Citizens and contend for the faith in areas such as : Divine Connections & Opportunities, Health, Healing, Prosperity, Favor,Families,Freedom,Marriages, and Miracles, etc ... We wanna create an environment of expectation and encounter the authentic move of the Holy Ghost.  


As faithful partners of BHM we believe one of the most important aspects is to respond to anyone's prayer request. This is a vital part of our ministry is to enforce strategic prayer to actively engage and collaborate the unity of the Spirit in intercession and release heaven's agenda on the earth according to the will of the Father.